alexander stanton

care and feeding physical product

why is music so good in the car? my theory is that driving takes just enough of your attention to really let you focus on music without the mind wandering. its why we listen to so many more records front to back whilst performing other activities than we do staring at the speakers. some of my favorite mid-music activities are cooking, painting rooms, dog walking, gently weeping, and of course assembling the cut and fold interpretive paper sculptures that all records come with (ok, not all).

the care and feeding physical product takes the form of a kirigami venus fly trap sculpture. the accompanying bandsness cards can also be cut and folded into flora. don't miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to get a unique piece of artwork AND an errand with which to enjoy your music. assembly instructions for both cd and card can be found here. remember that care and feeding can be downloaded for free, so if the instructions tell you to cut the cd in half, all is not lost. they cost $15 and are shipped free anywhere in the U.S. if you're ready, click the big red button below and thank you for your support!